About Cesar Maya

Cesar has been tattooing over 3 years, he was born in Columbia but grew up in Spain. He most recently worked out of South Florida before coming to ATS. What he likes best about tattooing is “it’s fascinating the idea of “customizing” our bodies to our own visual appealing.”

If you could get tattooed by anyone who would it be?
Tough question, too many good artists out there but right now I can say Victor Chill from Spain,Edgar Marquez from California and Rachi Brains from Australia,all of them alive so hop fully I will get to have an awesome tattoo from them at some point of my life.

If you were a professional wrestler what would your entrance music be?
I will say Rareform from After the Burial

If you were going to be on America’s Got Talent what would your talent be?
People get surprised when they see I can eat so many chicken wings,I hope that counts as a talent.

Favorite Style of Tattoo:
I really enjoy tattooing my designs which can vary a lot from some oriental influences to surrealism,creepy dark work is also fun,mostly black and grey but I can have fun with some colors too

Who have been your inspirations?
Rachi Brains was definitely my main inspiration to start tattooing,I had really good mentors that were very inspirational like Rey Balbuena,and just every good artist that works hard for what they want and to develop their own style is very inspirational.

Cesar Maya Portfolio

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