About Sam Cruz

Sam has been tattooing for 16 years. Born in the Bronx he grew up on Camden NJ before joining the Military. “The coolest thing about tattooing to me is the fact that I have been able to put art my art on tons of people and it really has mattered to many of them who were going through there own rough patches.”

If you could get a tattoo from anyone who would it be? Dmitry Samhoian
If you were a professional wrestler what would your entrance music be? Hero by Foo Fighters. If you were going to be on America’s Got Talent what would your talent be?. I think we all clearly know that it’s singing Favorite Style of Tattoo: I would have to say my favorite style to tattoo would be realism of any kind bring all that s#!t on!. Who have been your inspirations? You know I’d like to give a name of who my Inspirations are but there’ve been so many over the years and there’s still so many that develop on a daily basis when I look in the tattoo industry there’s amazing artist everywhere and it’s hard to really nail down where Inspirations always going to come from.