The links above contain information on how to heal your tattoo or piercing. Remember that your tattoo is an open wound. Our tattoo shop adheres to the highest health department sanitation regulations and is inspected monthly.
Aftercare once you leave our shop is extremely important and can be the difference in having an amazing tattoo or contracting a serious infection. For this reason we always recommend a covered solution like Saniderm with AfterInked as an aftercare regimen.
If you do have any issues with your tattoo or piercing please feel free to contact us or come by the studio you received your tattoo from.


Everyone heals differently so long heal times are not uncommon, if you have a question or concern come see us, remember we have seen it all so if we act like it isn’t that big of a deal please know we care about you, we have just seen it before and it will be OK.

24 Hour ATS Aftercare Hotline

If the studio is closed and you have an issue with your tattoo (or piercing for our off-base studios) just call 1-833-327-5287 and an operator will get all of your information for a callback from a professional to help you get things taken care of.

ATS is doing this to make sure that our customers are always taken care of no matter the day or time!

Unfortunately, this service is only available for those who had the service performed at an ATS location. Just provide your name, the ATS and date to our on-call professional so we can verify your visit. If you did not get the service at ATS and would like our professional opinion simply contact ATS during normal business hours and we will try to accommodate you as soon as possible.