American Tattoo Society has announced it will carry Everence at all locations nationwide.

Fayetteville, NC (July 13, 2021) – American Tattoo Society (ATS) announced a partnership with Everence at all locations nationwide. Everence uses patented technology to create personalized tattoos that contain elements from loved ones, places, or experiences so you can carry what you love with you always.

“Since our ATS locations are on or around military bases, we do a lot of tattoos in honor of others. With Everence you can get the DNA or even a small bit of sand, rock, grass or soil in your tattoo and it will be safe. We get a lot of people wanting ashes of a loved one in their tattoo, Everence makes it doable in the safest possible way.” says Ryan Harrell who along with his wife Nicole Harrell owns both American Tattoo Society & the All American Tattoo Conventions.

Dermatologist tested and developed by scientists at Brown, Cornell, and Duke University, Everence brings you a new way to be closer to what you love. Everence Collection Kits can be found at all locations inducing on base at Nellis AFB NV, MacDill AFB FL, Ft Bliss TX & off base at Fayetteville NC, Jacksonville NC. To find out more contact any ATS location or visit

American Tattoo Society was selected by AAFES to be the first on-base tattoo studio which opened in Las Vegas Nevada at Nellis Air Force in September 2020. American Tattoo Society has since opened three more locations with more scheduled in 2021. ATS also has two large off-base locations in Fayetteville & Jacksonville NC.

The American Tattoo Society studio information, the work of the artists, and additional contact information can be found at