American Tattoo Society is a tattoo studio that started with a single location in Fayetteville, NC. They quickly gained a following with the Fort Bragg community and expanded their space and opened an additional studio outside of Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC. American Tattoo Society was selected as the only tattoo studio permitted to open locations on military installations, leading to an additional 4 studios, with several more to open this year. With that kind of growth, a need quickly developed for a full-time content creator.

Studio Owners Ryan and Nicole Harrell have been working with Reginald Denton for years to capture photos and videos for the artists at American Tattoo Society as well as during the All-American Tattoo Conventions. When it came time to find someone to handle the day to day content, it was an easy choice as Nicole says, “Reggie has been a part of the company in many ways, and his years of experience made it an easy choice. He has a good relationship with everyone and brings a new voice to the team.”

As a part of American Tattoo Society, Reginald will be traveling to all the shops and finding new ways to feature the artists and their work. As ATS opens its new locations, he will be one of the first on the ground to document the upfits, grand openings and new artists, along with capturing images of the surrounding areas.

“I am very excited to work with Reggie,” Director of Marketing Rick Howard stated , “after seeing his previous work with  his personal companies and experiencing first hand his positivity, vision and energy, I knew he would provide above and beyond what others were doing.”

Reginald joins ATS after 16 years as a freelancer and creator of Born to Poke TV and Chieftexx Studios, providing both professional and personal clients high quality photography and videography work. His experience with those mediums helped elevate the careers of his model clients and allowed him to expand into other industries.

American Tattoo Society is excited as they continue to create new openings and positions in the company. Owner Ryan Harrell says “Our continued growth has provided us with many opportunities we would not have previously had. As a company founded on the outskirts of the US’s largest military base, we are proud to have a connection with the military and are grateful for their trust in us to provide services to those who serve.”