Des Tattoos Over an Existing Tattoo a Few Weeks Ago at American Tattoo Society of Fayetteville NC

Des was asked to tattoo a window over a pre-existing tattoo to appear as if the sun was coming in through the window. She laid out this nice ornate window... Read More

Jose tattoos script on the bicep of a Ft Bragg Soldier

Jose (@tt_mig on IG) tattoos an inner bicep of a Ft Bragg Soldier last week before the mask restrictions. Tattoo done at American Tattoo Society of Fayetteville. Make an appointment... Read More

Ian Lopez works on a medium size floral hip tattoo at American Tattoo Society of Fayetteville NC

Ian loves tattooing these black and grey tattoos, check out his tattoo he put on a young client a few weeks ago. If you are interested in booking an appointment... Read More

Max Ray tattooing Dolly Parton on a fan a few weeks ago at American Tattoo Society of Fayetteville

Max was able to tattoo this custom portrait of Dolly Parton a few weeks back on a huge Dolly fan. Max loves tattooing black and grey, especially portraits of celebrities... Read More

Jason Higdon Finishes a Large Custom Tattoo that was on Hold Due to Deployment

Anthony is a Marine stationed at Camp LeJeune who put his thigh tattoo with Jason on hold while he was deployed. He is back at Camp LeJeune and was finally... Read More

Malcolm adds a Traditional Tiger Tattoo on a soldier from Ft Bragg NC at American Tattoo Society

Malcolm drew up this traditional tiger tattoo to add on to this solider’s arm that already has a few traditional tattoos. Traditional color tattoos are a style that Malcolm really... Read More