Max Ray Tattoos Luke Kuechly from the Carolina Panthers on Ryan Harrell at ATS of Fayetteville

Luke Kuechly is one of the greatest Panthers of all time, Ryan Harrell is one of the biggest Carolina Panthers fans of all time. So when he asked Max to... Read More

American Tattoo Society announces four new hires as they expand across the US.

Fayetteville, NC (Nov 9, 2020) – American Tattoo Society (ATS) who has some of the largest & highest rated tattoo studios in the country announced today that it has hired... Read More

Lyn from our Fayetteville NC Tattoo Studio Pierces a Naval a Few Months Ago!

Lyn was able to give this young lady a great belly button piercing with our standard jewelry option a few months ago! We take walkins for piercings every day of... Read More

Matt & Brett from the Nellis AFB Exchange Welcome American Tattoo Society to Nellis Air Force Base

On September 4th American Tattoo Society became the first tattoo studio to tattoo legally on a military installation. On Oct 2nd, 2020 we officially cut the ribbon for our location... Read More

Weekly Recap Video of Some Action from American Tattoo Society!

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Another Weekly Recap Video of Some Tattoos From Our Fayetteville NC location!

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